ScienceFinder Premium

Unique dataset

ScienceFinder contains data in linked formats that are hard to get elsewhere. The search and export functionality are open and free, but your organisation might want to keep a closer eye on developments. ScienceFinder offers premium subscriptions to the service with the following features:

Relevance Alerts

Stop wasting time on searching, and let us do the heavy lifting for you! With a premium account, we can periodically update you on the newest developments in your field. We can do this based on keywords, but also based on entire documents.

Advanced search and data-exports

Do you want to use the data for more complex analysis? Show time series, investigate specializations of clusters based on aggregate data or do cluster analyses? Premium subscribers can get direct analyic access to the database.

Search Insights

Are you an institution, and do you want to know how your researchers are being found? With a premium institution subscription, ScienceFinder provides insight into the keywords used to identify your researchers.

Reach out for pricing and details.